SAVE THE DATES: EU Summit Peace Assemblies in 2017


EU Summit Peace Assemblies in 2017

Creating Unity in Diversity

in the Heart of Europe

  In 2016, 254 participants enjoyed the bliss of the EU Summit Peace Assemblies in Brussels. They represented 21 nations, and their presence strengthened the peaceful unity in the rich diversity of the European Union. Brussels is not only the capital of Europe, but it is also the second most important political city in the world. Furthermore, it is the second most diverse city in the world, with 182 nationalities present, and 108 different languages spoken. Truly the whole world comes together in Brussels. It is good to keep such a diverse place in balance with the unity that comes from Yogic Flying in a group.

Participants repeatedly testify to the deep experiences in programme. Those participating for the first time are often surprised by it, and wonder why it is so strong. One explanation has been that people come to these assemblies with an intention to do something good for Europe. Such a lofty intention creates a refined, pure atmosphere and it is perhaps this that is rewarded by Nature.


Inside, a strong feeling of happiness and bliss was felt. For me it was a new experience that this feeling didn’t last just a few moments, but it was continuing for a long time.”, Gasper Podobnik from Slovenia