EU Summit Peace Assembly 25th to 29th March 2020

Dearest Friends,

We warmly invite you all to participate to the



 Enjoying the Bliss, Creating Global Peace


 The TM Centre of Brussels lies in the area where all the European institutions are located.

On March, the leaders of the EU nations will come together in this place to shape the future of Europe!

Let’s all together take this occasion to create a wave of peace and harmony and
for creating a positive influence of coherence while the European heads of State meet in Brussels
to take the decisions that influence millions of people.

Let’s all together take advantage of the knowledge we have and the responsability that comes with it
to positively influence our own political representatives during these days

Let’s create the ground to make these decisions evolutionary for all of us!

Let’s take our nations to heart!! 

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Beautiful surrounding parks are an ideal setting for refreshing walks.

The TM Centre: 

The TM Centre is just a few hundred meters from the meeting hall of the leaders, and our group meditation will create even more a big wave of harmony and coherence in this environment.

Come and enjoy long group programmes and beautiful Maharishi tapes in the silent, profound atmosphere of the Brussels TM Centre which is perfectly East oriented. We will also enjoy refreshing walks in the beautiful surrounding parks and discover surprisingly beautiful parts of the city.


Experiences from participants during these Assemblies:

“During this Assembly, I realized that the goal of life is to live in Bliss Consciousness.”

“As a result of these meetings, I have realized that it is our prime duty to support the political leaders for a perfect administration of the European Union.”

Inside, a strong feeling of happiness and bliss was felt. For me it was a new experience that this feeling didn’t last just a few moments, but it was continuing for a long time.”



  •  Meals: Lunch is taken in restaurants nearby (10-15 euro). Dinner (8 euro) can be taken at the TM Centre.
  • Address: Maharishi Invincibility Centre, Rue Archimède 60, 1000 Brussels
  • Accommodation: For any information or support, contact us at
    • A few spaces are available at the TM Center for those who apply first: some limited free place and others that require a small contribution (small room 15 euro per night / big room, double, 25 euro per night). 
    • Cheaper rooms in a closer well-oriented Airbnb might be possible. Please contact us about it.
    • The popular website gives a wide range of very reasonably priced private rooms within walking distance of the TM Centre. Prices vary from 20-30-40 euro per day, depending on the level of comfort that is desired.
    • Right next to the TM Centre is a guesthouse with east entrance. You can book a room on their website:
    • There are also plenty of reasonably priced hotels in our area. An easy way to find them is on , looking in the Brussels Region, and selecting the ‘European District’.
    • A hotel nearby offers special discounts to our group. They have 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with bathrooms and kitchenette, and a possibility of sofa bed. There are also studios (with kitchenette) and normal hotel rooms. Please contact us for information about this possibility at
  • Travel to Brussels: If you want to fly, you can go to ‘Brussels International Airport’, or ‘Brussels South Airport’ in Charleroi, and there are direct shuttle bus services to downtown Brussels. Ticket prices increase closer to the time so early booking is recommended.


To apply: send your email to mentioning your name and the country you are from.

Looking forward to meeting you all in the next WPA and let’s all take this occasion to create harmony and coherence at the hearth of the policy making process!




Brussels108 Team





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